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Aug 23
Grassroots Partnerships For Pacific Solutions : Rethinking Pacific Island Development

August 2023 Grassroots Organisations as Key Partners in Development The Pacific Islands are grappling with a range of challenges encompassing health, economics, and the environment. Pacific Farmer Organisations Executive Director Kyle Stice says the conventional government-led development model has become inadequate due to resource constraints and mounting concerns. “We need to adopt a novel approach […]

May 25
Unveiling Consumer Insights and the Power of Branding

May 2023 Fiji Honey In a recent survey conducted by Pacific Agribusiness Research in Development Initiative (PARDI), consumers were asked to describe Fiji honey in one word, revealing fascinating insights into their perceptions. The survey showcased that a majority of respondents (51%) described Fiji honey based on its distinctive features and characteristics, highlighting its purity, […]