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Grassroots Partnerships For Pacific Solutions : Rethinking Pacific Island Development

August 2023

Grassroots Organisations as Key Partners in Development

The Pacific Islands are grappling with a range of challenges encompassing health, economics, and the environment. Pacific Farmer Organisations Executive Director Kyle Stice says the conventional government-led development model has become inadequate due to resource constraints and mounting concerns.

“We need to adopt a novel approach that involves grassroots organizations as pivotal partners in addressing these challenges. The potential demands a broader application.”

For effective solutions, Stice said grassroots organizations must elevate their services and professionalism while adding that development partners play a critical role in facilitating capacity building and localization.

“It’s essential for grassroots groups to refine their consultation processes, ensuring the voices of rural Pacific Islands’ communities are central, and development partners must guarantee meaningful participation of grassroots entities in policy formulation, program design, and interventions.”

“Transitioning from a government-centric to a partnership-based model centered on grassroots organizations is not only preferable but also a proven and time-sensitive necessity.”

“Empowering grassroots capabilities and integrating them into decision-making processes,” Stice concludes, “will pave the way for a more resilient, sustainable, and tailor-made approach to Pacific Island development.”

Kyle Stice is in the Cook Islands attending the Pacific Farmer Organisations Grassroots Partnership Symposium, which was inaugurated by the Cook Islands’ King’s Representative, the Honorable Tom Marsters.


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