Videos - Pacific Farmer Organisations


These videos are produced by Pacific Island Farmers around the South Pacific region.

PIRAS Project 2022

PIRAS is working across 6 Pacific Island countries supporting community food systems and economic recovery from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Fiji the

Green Pillars | South Sea Orchids | #fo4acp

Farmer Organisations across the Pacific are continually promoting agriculture by encouraging smallholder farmers and facilitating access to markets with additional technical trainings! Fiji’s South Sea

Green Pillars | Breadfruit | #fo4acp

Farmer organisations are adapting to climate change in various ways that also includes supporting local food systems. Given its potential for income generation and to

Green Pillars | FRIEND | #fo4acp

Our farmer organisation members are empowering communities all year round in the Pacific; at the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic the Foundation for Rural

TRTC Experience

Tutu Rural Training Centre (Tutu) was founded in 1969 by Fr. Michael Bransfield and assisted by Br. Kevin Foote on a 1200 acre Taveuni freehold

SIDS Forum, August 2021 – Digital

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) convened a high-level forum of leaders from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in a major

Bula Agro: Tel-A-Woman Programme (TAW)

Veteran agricultural leader and founder of Bula Agro Enterprises, Sant Kumar, is currently training women farmers in Nadi. The training includes plants distribution, growing seeds,

Climate Change

Pacific farmers are amongst the first being affected by climate change and increasing extreme weather events. Watch this Policy Brief video on how Farmer Organisations are

Non-Formal education for rural youth

Serenia Madigibuli a representative of PIFON and Tutu Taveuni Fiji in the Pacific, shares experiences in developing capacities of rural youth in agriculture.

Better Save Soil

Better Save Soil is the second collaboration between the IASS and the animation studio of Uli Streckenbach to raise awareness on soil issues.

Let’s Talk about Soil

Let’s Talk about Soil is the first collaboration between the IASS and the animation studio of Uli Streckenbach to raise awareness on soil issues.  



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