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Green Pillars | Tei Tei Taveuni Fiji Farmers Forum | #fo4acp

Policy advocacy is relatively new to Pacific farmer organisations; our Policy Engagement & Partnership Development Program aims to allow our Farmer Organisation members to share experiences, improve their knowledge, and understand the concepts of policy engagement and advocacy, and their operation at the national and regional level.

In 2020 Fiji’s Agriculture Minister – Dr Mahendra Reddy – attended the Network’s first post Covid-19 industry event : “Fiji Farmers Forum 2020 : Seizing Opportunities” organized by Tei Tei Taveuni at South Sea Orchids. Funded by the Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific – fo4acp Programme, Dr. Mahendra Reddy received pressing questions from a wide representation of farmer organisations around the country.

Farmer Organisation members also had the opportunity to present impacts of the pandemic and adaptation plans in addition to sector presentations of the industry in the presence of fellow industry colleagues, Government and donors.

The Green Pillars series in partnership with Pacific Farmer Organisations was funded by the Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific- fo4acp programme.


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