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Our Story


The Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network serves as an umbrella organisation for national farmer organisations in the Pacific region, to coordinate capacity building, share success stories and the lessons learnt and support regional exchanges of expertise between farmer organisations and their associated private sector partners.

We began informally operating in 2008, and registered as a not-for-profit company in 2013. Today we represent a vibrant and growing network of national farmer organisations that are increasingly changing the face of agriculture in the region. Our secretariat is based in Nadi, Fiji and has grown from two part-time staff working out of a shared office, to having our current staff working from our own space.

Meet Our Board

​Afamasaga Toleafoa

Chairman | President, Samoa Farmers Association

Minoru Nishi

Vice Chairman | Managing Director, Nishi Trading Company

Serenia Madigibuli

Board Director | Tutu Rural Training Centre

Maria Linibi

Board Director | Founder, Papua New Guinea Women In Agriculture & Development

Peter Koah

Board Director | Associate Director, Farm Support Association

Meet Our Team


Kyle Stice

The wind beneath our wings, this American born but Fijian die-hard horticulturist has been there right from the word ‘Go’ for Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network. Even though he’s wearing many organizational hats and being a husband and father to his very supportive wife and four feisty children , Kyle has managed to keep the Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network boat sailing with ease.


Lavinia Kaumaitotoya

Having had experience in many corporate leadership roles before becoming a farmer and joining us, Lavinia is now undertaking the mammoth task of obtaining funding for our projects.  Through her role as Program Manager, the Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network has been able to secure funding from four donors/partners. Lavinia’s motherly touch is slowly seeing Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network bear more fruit not only in its project activities but also in its event management area for sustainability purposes.


Aneet Kumar

Aneet joined Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network in 2014 after having had 8 years of experience in the finance arena in various NGO’s.  Money matters has always been Aneet’s baby and he doesn’t see himself doing anything else in the near future. After a hard week’s work, our Money Man always looks forward to chilling with his family and friends.


Illeyah Draunidalo

The face behind PIFON’s social media pages and those exciting posts, single and eccentrically creative, Illeyah joined PIFON with a creative background, an artist in her own right. Since joining PIFON she has turned up the heat in the communications arena breaking out stories of what PIFON members are doing from their 9 countries around the Pacific on what they do best in farming in the Pacific to make an impact on the ground where it matters.


Losalini Qiolevu

When the tough gets going, the tough is Lo that keeps it going as the Finance & Program Officer. A single mother of two who has vast experience of handling finance for non-profit organisations, joining PIFON at the outset of the FO4ACP project to bring depth into the admin team with her experience. Lo is the ‘go to’ person for the little details, follow up and makes sure accounts are paid, travel bookings made, hotels organised so PIFON and its members can do their work to serve their farmers.


Angela Birch

The number cruncher in the program team at PIFON, Angela ensures that the impact of the activities conducted by PIFON’s members is reported to reflect the great work done by its Farmer Organisation members. Angela spent most of her life working in the tourism industry before venturing into agriculture, an ‘exciting new chapter’. A former athlete and now a mum, she volunteers her time for sports administrator duties, seeing her regularly driving to Suva to attend various family and sporting obligations, providing the balance to her work.

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