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Aug 24
Global Breadfruit Summit : Harnessing the Impact of Farmer-Led Research

August 2023 Knowledge Grown Locally The prevailing approach, largely driven by scientific endeavors, has historically cast farmers as passive recipients, a situation Tony Jansen of Pacific Farmer Organisations reflects upon. Instances of research failures often place blame on ‘uneducated farmers’, suggesting a need for heightened ‘awareness’. However, this perspective overlooks the fact that farmers themselves […]

Aug 24
Global Breadfruit Summit : Regenerative Breadfruit Farming

August 2023 Sustainable Pathways Dr. Craig Elevitch of Permanent Agriculture Resources, has shed light on the concept of Regenerative Breadfruit Farming. He believes the pursuit of sustainability in agriculture has become an unattainable goal due to the swift and widespread deterioration of current conditions, as highlighted by authoritative sources including the 2021 FAO report titled […]