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Global Breadfruit Summit : Regenerative Breadfruit Farming

August 2023

Sustainable Pathways

Dr. Craig Elevitch of Permanent Agriculture Resources, has shed light on the concept of Regenerative Breadfruit Farming. He believes the pursuit of sustainability in agriculture has become an unattainable goal due to the swift and widespread deterioration of current conditions, as highlighted by authoritative sources including the 2021 FAO report titled “State of the World’s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture—Systems at Breaking Point”.

According to Dr. Elevitch, it is imperative to shift the focus away from sustainability and instead emphasize the ongoing enhancement of crucial elements such as soil quality, biodiversity, water retention, resilience, and carbon sequestration. This collection of improvements is now collectively acknowledged as regenerative agriculture.

His vision encompasses agricultural systems that have the capacity to achieve carbon negativity, enhancing both environmental and economic resilience, fostering biodiversity, and reinforcing local food security. While the achievement of such regenerative milestones remains distant for much of the world, Dr. Elevitch highlights the thriving examples of indigenous agriculture realizing these aspirations across various Pacific Islands, a phenomenon referred to as “regenerative agroforestry”.

An eminent example within these agroforestry frameworks is the prominence of breadfruit, which plays a pivotal role in the indigenous agroforestry landscapes of the Pacific. Beyond its ecological significance, Dr. Elevitch emphasized that the wisdom and methodologies crucial for establishing and nurturing these regenerative agroforestry systems are intricately interwoven with native languages, belief systems, cultural protocols, and core values.

The Interactive Session, led by Dr. Craig Elevitch, explored the historical roots of regenerative agroforestry within the context of indigenous Pacific Island life while also offering actionable strategies within the framework of today’s realities.

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