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Aug 24
Global Breadfruit Summit : Breadfruit Development

August 2023 Sustainable Pathways The Global Breadfruit Summit has drawn insights from prominent figures, including keynote speakers Mitaera Ngatae Teatuakaro Michael (Mike) Tavioni, and Ramsay Taum, on a path forward for Breadfruit Development aligned with cultural heritage and modern sustainability. Reflecting on ancestral narrative, Tavioni emphasized the journey involved carrying a treasure trove of invaluable […]

Aug 23
Grassroots Partnerships For Pacific Solutions : Farmer Organisations Lead Climate Adaptation Efforts

August 2023 Grassroots Guide Pacific Climate Adaptation Amid Regional Uncertainties As global momentum behind addressing climate change intensifies, the Pacific region faces significant challenges that resonate across its communities and landscapes. In an insightful discourse on climate change adaptation, Tony Jansen of Pacific Farmer Organisations sheds light on the pressing concerns faced by Pacific farmers […]