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May 24
Reviving Samoa’s Beekeeping Industry

May 2023 Challenges & Solutions Samoa is witnessing a significant revival in its beekeeping industry as the newly formed Samoa Apiculture Organisation Inc (SAO)  takes on the task of rejuvenating the sector. The decline in beekeepers, apiaries, and hive numbers over the years has prompted the need for concerted efforts to restore the industry. The […]

May 24
Fiji’s Minister of Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu Highlights Beekeeping Potential in the Pacific Islands

M A Y  2 0 2 3 Wednesday 24 Nadi, Fiji – Minister of Agriculture Hon. Vatimi Rayalu yesterday delivered the opening address at the inaugural Pacific Islands Bee Congress, underscoring the achievements made through collaborative efforts among organizations, academic institutions, and the government. “Beekeeping has a deep-rooted history in Fiji and the Pacific Islands, introduced by […]