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Nishi Trading Calls For Strong Partnerships In Breadfruit Production

October 2020

Increasing Breadfruit Production In Tonga

Breadfruit trees planted on the boundary line of a farm in Tonga

Strong partnerships are critical for building breadfruit production in Tonga, says Minoru Nishi Jr, the managing director of Nishi Trading.

“Its economic development is still yet to be realised. There are various breadfruit varieties in Tonga and the best variety we found is Puo’u which can be found growing around villages and in backyards.”

“The aim is to increase breadfruit production in Tonga for food security and income generation.”

“In order to do this, we need strong partnerships between researchers, farmers, farmer organisations and marketers. We’ve seen some great results working with our partners at the Tokyo University of Agriculture on breadfruit processing and we’d like to see more of this.”

“The challenge is to find the market opportunity that this crop offers so that it may assist the livelihood of Tongans.”

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