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Modules launched to help farmers

September 2022

Providing sustainable livelihoods

A guide for farmers and trainers comprising a series of 8 training modules and regarded as “provisional” (in that they can be updated as additional information is received from stakeholders) has been launched by Pacific Farmer Organisations.

Lead author and agricultural economist, Dr Andrew McGregor said it would empower farmers “to provide sustainable livelihoods for their families, now and into the future.”

“The modules specifically focus on Fiji and other Pacific Island countries, with the emphasis being on the people who will implement the practices – the farmers,” he added.

The series of written modules is supported by short videos and introduce sustainable cropping practices that push farmers to consider the present and future climate, economic and environment challenges as well as opportunities.

Fiji’s Tutu Rural Training Centre on the island of Taveuni has commenced trialing the modules with its own ‘training of trainers’ program with the support of Pacific Farmer Organisations.

Executive director, Kyle Stice said Pacific Farmer Organisations will play a lead role in the dissemination of the training modules in Fiji with plans to extend to the wider Pacific region following adjustments made to the modules to better suit each country situation.

“We have a number of regional farmer organisations who have already expressed their interest in being involved with the support of PIFON, we see farmer organisations from other Pacific Island countries coming to Fiji for some initial training.”

“Currently farmer groups from around Fiji are sending selected members to Tutu Rural Training Centre for training and to observe its system firsthand.”

The modules are funded by Australian Aid, through the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP).

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