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Leaders, Farmers & Researchers to discuss latest developments at Breadfruit Summit

October 2022

‘The Crop of the Future’

Global leaders, farmers, and researchers will meet in Hawaii for their first face-to-face talks on the latest breadfruit developments in more than two years.

Papali’i Dr. Tusi of the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Business Center Program is convening the summit in partnership with several partner organisations under the newly formed Breadfruit People network. 

The 2022 Global Breadfruit Summit will showcase champions of breadfruit in the space of breadfruit research, production, processing and marketing. The summit will also highlight advances in breadfruit products and value-added products. Dr. Diane Ragone of the Breadfruit Institute will be providing a keynote address along with renowned Breadfruit Agroforestry expert,  Dr. Craig Elevitch. 

Friends and members of Pacific Farmer Organisations from 9 island nations will feature as panelists at the upcoming event providing diverse perspective from around the region.  

Executive Director Kyle Stice said the summit will provide an opportunity for members to network and engage with leading research and development experts on ‘the crop of the future’. 

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