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Independent Dialogue Aims To Reform Food Systems In The Asia Pacific Region

May 2021

Pro Farmer Pro People Pro Planet

The independent dialogue series on reforming existing food systems start Monday 7 June – Friday 11 June IMAGE: SBS Food Channel

In preparation for the United Nations Food Systems Summit in September, the Asia Pacific region is gearing up for talks on reforming existing food systems.

“It is already known that 80% of food in the world comes from family farms, thereby, they can greatly support the transformation of food systems,” says Esther Penunia, the General Secretary of Asian Farmers Association.

“The empowerment of family farmers and their organizations is vital in the transition toward just, sustainable, healthier, and inclusive food systems.”

The dialogue also aims to raise farmer awareness and public discussion on how reforming food systems in the Asia Pacific region will help achieve sustainable development goals towards the environment and people.

Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network Manager, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya said the dialogue will allow organizers to inform participants on the issues and challenges surrounding existing food systems including the promotion of agroecology in addressing these issues.

“We’re putting the voices of small farmers and the marginalized  at the center of our agenda that’s driven by pro farmer, people and planet solutions to the United Nations Food Systems Summit in September.”

 “We want to generate discussion on promoting local traditional crops and local diets to ensure food security  and nutrition as well as support our local communities, environment and economies.”

The United Nations Food Summit is guided by five Action Tracks and will bring together key players from around the world to transform the way the world produces, consumes and thinks about food.

Organized by the Asian Farmers Association,  Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers’ Organisations, World Farmers’ Organisation and the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network, the independent dialogue series start on Monday 7 June – Friday 11 June.

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