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Global Breadfruit Summit : Lessons from 30 years of Product Development

August 2023

What is Possible with Breadfruit?

Food Technologist, Dr. Richard Beyer, has shed light on the realm of food product development, asserting that improving crops sourced from trees or soil poses a considerable challenge. In a modern era where the luxury of picking and consuming directly is largely absent, reliance on preservation techniques is paramount. However, Dr. Beyer points to the exceptional potential of breadfruit as a game-changer.

Breadfruit’s unassuming flavor profile and versatile texture offer an expansive canvas for innovation, as highlighted by Dr. Beyer. This adaptability opens doors to a myriad of possibilities, ranging from frozen products and flour to commercially available fried snacks and gravy mixes. The scope for creativity knows no bounds, with limitations set solely by the extent of imagination.

Dr. Beyer, a seasoned Food Technologist, emphasizes that triumphant commercial food processing hinges on three pivotal components: a consistent supply of raw materials, cutting-edge technology, and a receptive market. However, a significant challenge emerges at this juncture.

“Even in locales like Samoa, where breadfruit holds an integral place in culinary traditions, the collection of breadfruit harvests remains largely informal. A parallel situation arises in Fiji, where certain plantations exist, yet the continuity of supply remains a recurring obstacle for commercial processors.”

The insights provided by Dr. Beyer resonate deeply with numerous small island states, where a disparity often exists between private sector imperatives and the agendas of research, policy, and aid agencies. In addressing this gap, Dr. Beyer emphasizes the crucial need to establish effective communication channels. This, he asserts, must be the next strategic step across the region.

Dr. Richard Beyer’s remarks bring to the forefront the intricate interplay between tradition, innovation, and the imperatives of modern society.

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