Fiji Beekeepers Association’s John Caldeira resigns

Fiji Beekeepers Association’s John Caldeira resigns

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Friday 16

Rakiraki, Fiji – John Caldeira has resigned as the Fiji Beekeepers Association’s secretary and trustee, saying “my past years of working to build FBA as an organisation has been personally satisfying but it is now time to move on to other challenges.”

Caldeira was instrumental in designing and establishing the Fiji Beekeepers Association’s Mentor Programme, Training Programme as well as the initiation of Fiji Beekeepers Association’s Queen Importation from Australia and Short-Term Scholarships in New Zealand for five beekeepers.

“Most of these projects could not have been achieved without the hard work and brilliant ideas of many in FBA’s leadership and members. And our development partners over the years, International Trade Centre, SPC, PIFON, ACIAR, U.S. Embassy, Barefoot College, New Zealand High Commission, and United Nations.”

Pacific Farmer Organisation’s Kyle Stice said Caldeira has played a critical role in his years of leading and serving Fiji Beekeepers Association as secretary and president while acknowledging his contributions to Fiji Beekeepers and Pacific Farmer Organisations.

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