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Vanilla Technical Session | Selling Vanilla

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By Piero Bianchessi, Former Owner and Operator of Venui Vanilla

Goal 1 : to sell your vanilla beans!

Tools : (1) rubber bands (2) clean new grease-proof paper (3) clear clean new plastic bags – food quality


(1) The beans must be packed in neat, even bundles with the beans bottom-ends lined up.

(2) Each bundle must contain only beans of very similar quality and size. Make sure your beans have the right moisture content i.e. don’t mix wet beans with ready beans.

(3) The beans must be bound with new rubber bands and wrapped in clean new grease-proof paper, inside a clean clear new plastic bag – food quality.

(4) Before taking the beans to market you must : 

(a) Check with your local buyer for specific packaging requirements

(b) Weigh the beans before meeting the buyer

(c) Check on current market pricing – ask other vanilla farmers, different buyers and/or your local farmers association

You must carry your beans in a new clear clean plastic bag to avoid spoiling your beans by carrying them in a dirty bag.

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