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Vanilla Technical Session | Post-pollination : young bean selection

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s e p t e m b e r  2 0 2 1

By Piero Bianchessi, Former Owner and Operator of Venui Vanilla

Goal 1 : to reduce the number of beans to 100 per plant (approximately) by eliminating under sized, crooked, or sick beans, and beans growing on wilted or sick vines

When : 6 to 8 weeks after pollination when the beans reach their full size


(1) The beans reach full size 6 or 7 weeks after pollination and will ripen after 6 or 7 months – a total of 9 months (approximately). 

(2) In the last few days of maturation a sugar (glucovanillin) will develop inside the beans. This sugar is essential for the development of the vanilla aroma!


Eliminate all the small, crooked, or sick beans, and all beans on sick or wilted vines.

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