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Solomon Islands Coconut Industry at Risk

August 2019

An Opportunity to Learn

68 participants attended the 3 Day Workshop organised by SIVCOPA in July

The coconut industry in the Solomon Islands face a great risk of damage from the rhinoceros beetle and much worse than initially estimated.

Biosecurity Solomon Islands made the statement while advising farmers, processors and supervisors who attended a 3 day workshop initiated by the Solomon Islands Virgin Coconut Oil Producers Association (SIVCOPA) to assist stakeholders and farmers of the coconut industry gain a better understanding of the position and process of the coconut value chain.

Maryjane Hou Kaikari, the Organic Certification Officer at Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands says the Solomon Islands coconut industry has great economic potential.

‘The emphasis for our producers is on its value adding component or down processing of the oil which we expect the introduction of the Direct Micro Expelling Technology will boost quality and production levels here on the islands.’

She also added that they were fortunate to have the acknowledgement and support of the government and its development partners on managing the reduction of the rhinoceros beetle population.

‘It was a good opportunity for all those involved to discuss the various challenges and difficulties as well as learn from one another. With ongoing monitoring by Biosecurity Solomon Islands, we can confidently walk away from this workshop knowing how to effectively reduce the beetle population which is critical to the survival of our industry.’

The 3 day workshop ended with a visit to several coconut plantations who supply the islands hotels and restaurants with fruits and vegetables through intercropping practices.

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