Restoration of Forests and Other Ecosystems

May 2019

Sub-Regional Exchange For The Pacific

Earth’s ecosystems are degrading as a result of failure to invest and reinvest in their productivity, health and sustainability 

‘Forests as well as all other ecosystems all over the world are under threat and we are losing biodiversity at alarming rates.’

Ms. Sandeep K. Singh, the Director Environment of the Ministry of Waterways and Environment (Fiji) officially opened the sub-regional exchange for the Pacific on the restoration of forests and other ecosystems within a landscape approach.

While speaking at the sub regional exchange yesterday, Ms. Sandeep K. Singh said the over exploitation of natural resources throughout the centuries have widely disrupted the equilibrium within ecological systems.

The four day meeting aims to examine the targets, plans and objectives of participating Pacific Island nations, exchange experiences of restoration planning and implementation with key experts while also considering the economic dimension of restoration.

‘Earth’s ecosystems are degrading as a result of damage, unsustainable development and a failure to invest and reinvest in their productivity, health and sustainability,’ she said.

Eight Pacific Island nations including Tonga, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu, Papua New Guinea, the Cook Islands and Fiji will review the status of degraded forests and other ecosystems with a view of prioritising areas for ecosystem restoration.

She explained ecosystems and their biodiversity underpin economic growth, sustainable development and human wellbeing. However, the loss of biodiversity continued to cause serious reductions in ecosystem goods and services, and negatively impacting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.

‘It is becoming increasingly important that we immediately restore our ecosystems so that they are able to provide the goods and services to sustain life on earth.’

The sub regional exchange is presented by the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network and is a joint initiative by the Convention on Biological Diversity, FERI, the Food and Agriculture of the United Nations and the Pacific Community.


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