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Category: Value Chains

May 31
Breadfruit Manual

Since the last publication of this Manual in 2005, progress has been seen with the move from wild-harvesting to orchard-style commercial breadfruit production, and the introduction of quality control and post-harvesting handling procedures for the export market. This manual builds on the 2005 publication and incorporates learnings from the PBP and other research and development […]

Aug 19
FO4ACP | Farmers’ Organization For Africa Caribbean And Pacific

There are 9 countries participating in FO4ACP in the Pacific and a total of 18 national FOs directly engaged in implementation (additional local FOs are also involved in activities). This list includes: Cook Islands {Home to Te Tango Enua (TTE)}; New Caledonia {Home to Chambre d’Agriculture de Nouvelle Caledonie (CANC)}; Papua New Guinea {Home to […]