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Category: Tropical fruits

Jun 27
Solomon Islands Pineapple Mapping report

Aruligo suppliers are an informal group of farmers and traders from mainly three settlements; Duidui, Horabao, Vatukulau on the north west of Honiara. A majority of these farmers are originally from the Weather Coast on Gudalcanal Island; following a natural disaster in this district in the 1970s, many families were relocated to Aruligo. File Size: […]

Jun 27
Solomons Workshop Report on Strengthening Capacity of Farmer Organizations

This regional workshop in the Pacific was the first in a series of five, which are planned for the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions. Participants from regional and national Famers’ Organizations, networks and agribusiness and farming communities highly dependent on commodities such as copra, cocoa and coffee were invited. File Size: 1935 kb VIEW […]