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Category: Tropical fruits

Jun 27
Pacific Breadfruit Project Vanuatu Trip Report

Vanuatu has a wide diversity of breadfruit varieties whichare found on eight islands within the archipelago. The purpose of this trip was three folds:To visit the national breadfruit collection held at the Vanuatu AgriculturalResearch and Technical Centre (VARTC) in Santo and to survey the breadfruit varieties in Malo Island. File Size: 2365 kb VIEW & […]

Jun 27
PARDI Tamarind Chain Review (November 11)

The Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is an evergreen legume, endemic to the dry savannah of tropical Africa. It is now distributed all over the world and is one of the important tree legumes in tropical and sub-tropical countries. File Size: 775 kb VIEW & DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION