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Pacific Agriculture Solutions Summit : Protecting Livelihoods and Gender Equality

August 2023

Innovative Climate Framework To Empower Farmers

The Pacific Farmers’ Organization (PFO) has unveiled a comprehensive climate framework aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the livelihoods of Pacific farmers while addressing the gender-specific challenges exacerbated by climate change and natural disasters.

Underpinned by a commitment to gender equality and resilience-building, the PFO’s climate framework stands as a pioneering effort to empower Pacific farmers, particularly women and girls, who are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change in sectors such as agriculture and water resources.

Three Pillars of the Climate Framework

Pillar 1: Climate Resilient Farming Households

The PFO’s decentralized approach involves collaboration with national farmers’ organizations (FOs) and members to identify adaptation priorities. Supported by both public and private sectors, this multi-year initiative encompasses a diverse range of strategies, including crop diversification, agroforestry, improved water efficiency, and innovative production models. Other measures involve managing soil erosion, enhancing pest and disease management, and promoting regenerative agriculture. Gender inclusion is at the forefront, with initiatives to improve women’s access to resources and encourage more effective household partnerships.

 Pillar 2: Farmers’ Voices

Recognizing the challenges Pacific farmers face in policy dialogue, the PFO facilitates engagement with policy-makers and regional forums. It empowers marginalized voices, especially women and small farmers, by creating platforms to gather and communicate information about climate challenges and adaptation strategies. Annual farmer forums and advocacy initiatives further amplify their concerns, contributing to informed policy formulation.

Pillar 3: Stronger Farmer Organisations

Addressing the varying capacities of Pacific farmer organizations, the PFO focuses on capacity building through training, administrative and financial system strengthening, and knowledge management. The PFO recognizes that robust farmer organizations are essential for effective climate adaptation. Expansion efforts, including engaging with new countries and regions, necessitate ongoing network development and capacity-building activities.

Expansion and Funding

The PFO’s ambitious framework has garnered initial commitments from multiple donors to support this endeavor. Collaboration with new countries, such as Micronesian states, further drives the need for capacity building and network expansion.

This groundbreaking initiative is currently undergoing the co-design phase, with support from the Pacific Solutions Summit, further illustrating the PFO’s dedication to pioneering solutions for climate resilience and gender equality in the Pacific region.

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