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Lavinia Kaumaitotoya resigns from PIFON

April 2022

‘Thank-you PIFON for showing me humanity at its best’

The Pacific Farmer Organisations has lost one of its biggest stars, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya, the former General Manager, who today announced that she has resigned.

Lavinia Kaumaitotoya had joined the Pacific Farmer Organisations as the Programme Manager in 2016 before progressing to the role of General Manager in 2021.

She announced her resignation following her intentions to contest the Fiji General Elections 2022.

“I leave Pacific Farmer Organisations knowing that I am leaving behind my Pacific family I have grown to love and to be a part of these last 6 years breathing it daily and living it as it weaved itself into its FO members and its countries.  I have witnessed miracles as activities have been rolled out to touch families – Thank you PIFON for showing me humanity at its best.”

“I leave Pacific Farmer Organisations to heed a national challenge to join a patriotic Fijian team that is keen to rebuild Fiji back to what it should be.”

In announcing the resignation of the Pacific Farmer Organisations General Manager, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya, Executive Director Kyle Stice, acknowledged the contributions of the outgoing General Manager.

Kaumaitotoya has over the years played a critical role in securing long-term funding from the United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development, advancing critical development partnerships and was also recognized for her pioneering work in advocating Women in Agriculture at Stars of Oceania Awards.

“It is with mixed emotions that I announce the resignation of our General Manager and dear friend – Lavinia.  We are saddened to lose such a valuable leader and member of our team but excited for the prospects of her new path in politics,” said Kyle Stice.

“On behalf of the Network, we wish her all the very best as she pursues her political aspirations,” he said.

Lavinia Kaumaitotoya’s resignation takes effect from today.

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