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First Pacific Agriculture Knowledge Management Fair A Success

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The Pacific Farmer Organisations has successfully hosted the first Pacific Agriculture Knowledge Management Fair, a virtual event that presented various resources related to agriculture in the Pacific, covering publications, videos, and social media channels. The Fair aimed to support farmers and agricultural development in the region.

On Day 1, panelists from Street Smart Media Fiji (Shania Singh and Sikeli Savu) delivered the keynote address on “Reaching the Masses through Media”. Also weighing in on discussions were Kenta Nemoto (Hawai’i Ulu Cooperative, John Caldeira (Fiji Beekeepers Association) and Crystal Ake (MORDI Tonga Trust) who shared their knowledge on the ways social media and various electronic mediums like videos and websites have played an important role in knowledge management for farmers. More than 150 resources were submitted by 33 organizations from 8 countries with Hawai’i Ulu Cooperative and Rise Beyond the Reef announced as the winners of the Website Category and Video Category respectively. 

On Day 2, panelists from The Center for Getting Things Started (Koh Ming Wei) delivered the keynote address on “The Digital Era of Farmer Resources”. Karen Mills (Mudrenicagi Estate) and Angela Birch (Pacific Farmer Organisations)  presented an overview on the impactful work of Farmer Training Guides while Adelino Lorens (Island Food Community of Pohnpei) and Samantha Magick (Islands Business) spoke on the Case Study showcase covering Lessons Learned and Impact Stories. Koko Siga Pacific and Islands Business were announced the winners of the Farmer Training Guides & Publication Category and Case Studies Category.

The judging panel included representatives from the Pacific Farmer Organisations, The Center for Getting Things Started and the Knowledge Management Fair Committee.

The Pacific Agriculture Knowledge Management Fair highlighted the passion for exploration and storytelling in the agriculture community, and showcased the beauty of the Pacific. The Pacific Farmer Organisations plans to share more knowledgeable works that will benefit farmers in the future.

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