Brown Girl Woke Assists Samoa's Vulnerable Families Impacted By Pandemic

Brown Girl Woke Assists Samoa’s Vulnerable Families Impacted By Pandemic

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BGW has been helping Samoa’s most vulnerable families following the COVID-19 lockdown in March IMAGE:TVNZ

Wednesday 16

Despite being free from COVID-19, Samoa is feeling the impacts of the global pandemic.

In an interview with Tagata Pasifika, Maluseu Doris Tulifau, the founder of Brown Girl Woke (BGW) expressed her concerns at the growing number of families struggling to meet their daily needs.

Since March, the community non-profit organisation in Samoa has to date helped over 700 families.

“It’s the most important thing right now, helping these families with the groceries.”

“We’re also connected with people overseas who are helping fund our projects to give back to the families from a grassroots level in the village and communities.”

Tulifau says the pandemic has also exposed a rise in domestic violence.

“It feels like it’s 10 times worse since the COVID-19 lockdown – I’ve just seen the latest newspaper, there was 10 cases of incest rape, and when you’re at home often now, with the person that might be the abuser or the perpetrator, it’s going to be harder and even harder to call for help.”

Brown Girl Woke is collaborating with other organisations to help keep some of Samoa’s most vulnerable people safe through radio and television campaigns in addition to building safe spaces through supportive networks.


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