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Vanilla Technical Session | Looping and Mulching

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Dry composted leaves are good form of mulching and can help the roots grow IMAGE: Tara Evans

By Piero Bianchessi, Former Owner and Operator of Venui Vanilla

Goal 1 : to keep the vanilla at reachable height

Goal 2 : to promote root formation at the nodes covered by mulch

When : as soon as a vine is long enough to be directed toward the ground, reach the mulch and shoot upward

Tools : (1) mulch (2) bush ladder (3) wheelbarrow

FACTS : Rooting of the new shoots every time the vines are looped and mulched helps the plant to grow faster and stronger. Receiving more nutrients, the plan will be able to flower early, support more beans, and be more resistant to diseases.


  • (1) Gently detach the vine’s hanging roots from the support branch.
  • (2) Hang the vine over one of the support tree branches.
  • (3) Direct the vine down towards the mulch.
  • (4) Lay 2 or 3 nodes of the vine over the mulch and cover with new mulch.
  • (5) Redirect the growing apex upward.
  • (6) Tie the vine (if necessary) with a bush twine, tree bark, banana/pandanus leaf or similar.
  • (7) The vine will keep growing and eventually new buds will shoot laterally, soon multiplying the number of vines growing on a plant.

Repeat the process for all the vines.


DO NOT leave looped vines uncovered

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