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Vanilla Technical Session | Flower Induction – Hanging + Tipping

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Light, thin and evenly spaced branches provide the vanilla with just the right amount of shade and sunlight

By Piero Bianchessi, Former Owner and Operator of Venui Vanilla

Goal  : to boost the flower induction by sap arrest

When : right before the expected dry season

Where : on vigorous healthy plants, with strong root systems (a minimum of 10 looping, everyone with healthy roots)

Tool : Bush ladder


  • (1) Most of the flowers in a vanilla plant naturally appear on a downward young vine
  • (2) Hanging the vine and arresting the sap will help the plant to reach the flower induction, if the weather conditions are favourable


Do not force (hang and tip) a plant with an inadequate root system


  • (1) Choose 4 or 5 big plump vines shooting up the support tree
  • (2) Carefully detach the vines, and let them hang – without looping them under the mulch
  • (3) Nip the end off the shooting vines about 15cm from the end


  1. Do not confuse hanging and tipping with looping and mulching
  2. Hanging and tipping is a once-a-year activity to perform only when the dry season is expected
  3. Looping and mulching is a recurring maintenance operation to perform every the shooting vines are long enough to go through the mulch at the bottom of the plant and shoot upward

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