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Trip Report on Pacific Seed Learning Exchange in Taiwan & Philippines

Among the FO’s needs identified through the MTCP programme is to have a better understanding on the seeds industry and/or supply chain (production, distribution, and marketing) and conservation technologies.

Many small farmers in Asia and the Pacific remain confronted with ineffective seed delivery services. However, this issue, compared with other agricultural extension such as marketing, credit provision and fertilizer subsidy, gets less attention. While there have been efforts in liberalizing seeds markets, organizing seeds producers and distributor associations, national seed programs, there remains around 600 million rural people in Asia and Pacific who rely on natural resource production and still lack access to pro-poor seeds produce, systems, programs, and policies. At the same time, while these small holders are burdened with their tenurial rights issues, most of them, especially the indigenous peoples, are deprived with their traditional rights including rights to save, reuse, sell and exchange traditional seed varieties.

In general, the Seed Learning Exchange in Taiwan & Philippines for our Pacific participants aimed to increase knowledge and awareness of Asian & Pacific farmers on best practices in seeds production, conservation, distribution and marketing.

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