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Category: Climate change

Jun 28
Policy Brief – Farmer Organisation Roles in Climate Change and Biodiversity Policy Engagement

  Farmer Organisatins, Climate Change and Biodiversity This policy brief discusses the importance of Farmer Organisations (FOs) in influencing climate and biodiversity policies. While smallholder farmers are crucial for adapting to climate change and protecting biodiversity, their needs are often overlooked in international and national policies. FOs can represent these farmers and ensure their voices […]

Jan 18
Background Paper – Role of Farmer Organisations in Climate Change Adaptation

Farmer Organisations and Climate Change Adaptation Pacific Island people have a deep experience in coping with the effects of climate variability on  agriculture, driven largely by the region’s exposure to the vagaries of the El Niño Southern Oscillation  (ENSO). Traditional farming systems, which centre on agroecological approaches, have demonstrated  some resilience against external shocks and […]