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Feretariki Bureqele is a 20-year-old farmer who has lived in Marinitawa, Ba for almost 8 years with his father, mother, and other siblings. He is the fourth continuing generation of sugarcane farmer in his family. He hails from the village of Nanuku, Yakete in the province of Ba. He plants turmeric, pineapples, and cassava on his farm.

He is currently the youngest champ responsible for looking after 2,000 breadfruit seedlings for the Marinitawa Cluster, the Yakete Cluster, and the Navosa Cluster who will benefit from these breadfruit seedlings.

During the pandemic borrowing farming equipment and tools was a challenge faced by farmers, occasionally tools were not returned on time when owners needed them and this would delay farming operations.

Feretareki’s dedication and interest in agriculture have allowed him to be supported by PIRAS with agriculture tools like a knapsack sprayer, hoe tools, and forks that will allow him to carry out work on the farm more efficiently.

Food processing trainings were also conducted with the support from Rise Beyond the Reef to allow farmers to increase production using raw material for value-added products to build farmers who are self-reliant.

Feretareki continues to plant pineapple and other crops on his farm and he enjoys doing so with his new tools and knowledge he has learned from trainings he attended.  

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