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PIRAS : Inception Meeting for PCDF

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Thursday 02

Nadi, Fiji – The Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF) is a non-government organization that works closely with communities, donors, government and other organisations to improve livelihoods in isolated communities. A virtual inception meeting was held with the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network yesterday to discuss the PIRAS Facility project activities to be executed in the next few weeks.

Tevita Ravumaidamu of Pacific in Community Development (PCDF) said during the inception meeting :

“PCDF is committed and ready to support its 41 highland village communities in Viti Levu that will be assisted in the Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS) project.”

The Ba, Naitasiri and Navosa were the 3 districts that were identified during the inception that will benefit from access to improved planting materials, land preparation and numerous trainings that will up-skill highland farmers and provide them with basic hands on technical knowledge and open new Agri-business opportunities for them in the coming years.

The PIRAS Facility project that will be implemented by PCDF will be targeting rural men, women and youths that were affected by COVID-19.

It was also highlighted by Mr. Ravumaidamu that food wastage is an issue that needs to be addressed especially with the highland farmers given the geographical location of most farm lands, many fresh produce are more likely thrown away due to mechanical damage even before selling them in the market. For that reason, capacity building trainings on safe post-harvest handling, proper storage containers of fresh produce and food processing techniques will be applied to cater for the women and youths of these targeted villages.

PIFON will continue to show its support towards its national and regional member farmer organizations that face similar issues and find sustainable solutions to tackle it.

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