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PIFON opens in Hawaii, USA

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Wednesday 17

The Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network has opened its US based office in Kapolei, Hawaii as the Network extends its reach into the North Pacific.

The Pacific Farmer Organisations currently serve 23 farmer organisations across 9 Pacific Island countries and with a reach of 80,000 members.

The expansion is expected to mobilise and assist in the coordination of technical support, funding for farmer associations and forums to discuss challenges facing farmers across the region.

Manager Lavinia Kaumaitotoya said the move is a strategic one as PIFON moves into the North Pacific to effectively become the ‘Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network’ based and working in both the North and South Pacific.

“Today we are happy to announce this new chapter for PIFON as we open our US based office in Kapolei, Hawaii, with Kyle Stice as our first official US employee with support from our Fiji registered office”.

She added: “At our AGM last year, Kyle Stice resigned as manager of PIFON and relocated to Hawaii, he remained with PIFON in a consultancy capacity, and under guidance and approval by the Board, we worked with him, today we are excited to start a new chapter for PIFON”.

The momentous milestone will see further prioritization of supporting women in agriculture and nutrition among key plans to strengthen local food economies, continue to strengthen the Breadfruit People virtual service center community and build resilience to the effects of climate change in the region.

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