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Issue #16 | June 2020

COVID-19 & Agriculture

Our Quarter 2 Newsletter brings together a special coverage on the global pandemic and its impacts in the Pacific.

On the cover this June; Dr.Andrew McGregor (Kokosiga Pacific [Fiji] Ltd), Wah Sing Yee (Marco Polo), Livai Tora (Nature’s Way Co-operative), Lavinia Kaumaitotoya (Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network) and Kyle Stice (Nadi Bay Herbs) recently joined RESET Fiji’s, Stanley Ian Simpson on Mai TV for a discussion on the agriculture industry.

We also bring you the views and concerns of our members and friends in the region while also taking a look at how the global pandemic is changing our lives on the home front and our approach to food. While it has also seen the collapse of tourism in the Pacific, art continues to inspire hope in these uncertain times.

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