Agriculture Students In Tonga Estimated To Earn More Than TOP $40,000

Agriculture Students In Tonga Estimated To Earn More Than TOP $40,000

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Growers Federation of Tonga work with youths in Tonga as part of key plans to attract youths to farming and to equip them with the knowledge and network they need to be successful in agriculture

Friday 12

Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Agriculture students in Tonga are expected to earn more than TOP$40,000 from the sales of their produce according to Growers Federation of Tonga.

“Students of Tupou College and Tonga College plant food for the school’s main meals as well as for selling,” says Office Manager, Mele Asena.

“Growers Federation of Tonga assisted with agricultural tools, seeds, fertilizer and fuel which will be utilized across 50 acres of land. The combined income from the sales of fresh produce by the colleges will be more than TOP$20,000.”

Mele Asena said they were also working with Umataha Youth on 8 acres of land to produce yams where tools, fertilizer and fuel was also provided for the group consisting of 10 females and 15 males.

Growers Federation Of Tonga are also assisting Women In Development who are estimated to earn TOP$100,000 from Pele Production geared for export.

The activities was funded by the Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (FO4ACP) Programme, a joint partnership between the European Union, Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network (PIFON).

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